Dedicated to aligning innerself to outer success.



At we support individuals to recognize and align their best potential selves to manifest in the work they wish to put out into the world; which may be:

  • Setting personal goals
  • Pivoting/transitioning to a new career
  • Launching a project and/or startup
  • Team/organizational development 

Success and happiness is relative. You get to explore and manifest your values and have a community that supports that vision. By acknowledging and celebrating individual's success in turns cultivate a healthy and vibrant culture to contribute a net effect of sustainable growth to the larger society. actively shares this mission by holding space for the community in NYC.



Bridge the gap of diversity among different industry professionals and individuals


Dialogue on common values towards the work that will support a sustainable future


A place to connect with a diverse networked community in a nurturing and low-key environment.


Introduce open source tools, platforms, organizations


“A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.”



The Story was conceived as a result from a singular message intermittently received within in the last seven years. It would come every so often – during one of my walks, working on a mundane task, between my readings, in meditation, or awaken at 3:30 AM in the morning from a sound sleep. It is an extremely deep and profound inner message; fervent with a deep sense of gratitude. This ecstatic feeling re-awakens when I come across objective art, beauty in nature, as well as individuals with presence that I resonate with at his/her core level. This feeling needs an outlet of expression and over the years it has manifested itself in different ways through project collaborations, prototypes all alluding towards a more meaningful body of work. The time has ripened to bear fruit of such platform in both digital and physical stage on a larger scale with other like-minded individuals and organizations to create a movement for positive impact.  

You see . . . I almost wasn't meant to be here.


Nga Nguyen

FOUNDER & Facilitator

A multi-disciplinary designer with enthusiasm to explore, connect and create. From a young age, Nga has always been viscerally aware that we are all interconnected sentient beings. This sensitivity is an intrinsic quality towards her affinity to explore beauty relating to fashion before the transition to the the field of user experience design for emerging technology with a focus on embodied interaction. 

Nga has received reiki L1,  qi gong L1 and 500 HR RTY Yoga Alliance certification. Is a senior teacher at the Atmananda Yoga Sequence E 23rd school where she hold regular lecturers on Communication I & II, Subtle Energies, Ethics for the 200 HR and 300 HR Teacher Training program. 

Merging design, tech, business and yoga/mindfulness, Nga is a strategic advisor to early startups within the New York City ecosystem; helping founders align their mission to their core services and products.


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