You see . . . I almost wasn't meant to be here....

Born from a war torn country my family and I (all 11 of us) immigrated to America in 1984 with nothing other than a few articles of clothing that we could carry. I can recall the moment like it was yesterday, as our whole family made our way towards the ticket gate. I could see the plane 100 yards away through the glass window. Body and soul met with excitement to soon board the plane to America. Lofty dreams to the land of opportunity was a much talked about topic; especially in a country that was gathering itself in the aftermath of one of the most horrific war of our times. With its effect still echoes today–what was left is disparity, suppression in freedom of speech, access to education, the opportunity to innovate, and obtain a basic quality of life in general. My grandfather the head of household, an extremely meticulous man, then at that very moment realized he does not have my boarding ticket. My mother and I had to step aside from the line that was boarding. 

Fast-forward 15 yrs later I landed in New York City working in the fashion industry– leading trend, research, designing and merchandisingwomen's fashion for major brands and retailers. With insight that the internet impacting consumption, as well as a much bigger vision and mission to do good . . . I had to break away from the familiarity of the fashion industry.  With the curiosity in new media and tech I went for a masters degree in interaction design to explore new territories in emerging technology. In the interim, I've been a student of mindfulness practice from different traditional backgrounds, not out of knowledge for knowledge sake but to resuscitate the death of my spirit. This personal path eventually further influenced my approach in the way I perceive (as well as receive) and approach design, business and technology most authentically.

I've been fortunate to have a multitude of experiences, mentors, relationships that has come to shape me to become the person I am today. I admire objectivity in science and seek haven in spirituality which invites beauty to manifest. My work at innercompass.io is to facilitate dialogues and to bridge the gap– to help answer the where/how/why by means of the necessary tools, new knowledge, open resources, network of like-minded individuals and organizations. This collaborative effort is to ignite and empower those in their discovery phase to move forth courageously to generate meaningful work that aims to reduce suffering, adds delight to humanity and heal the planet; therefore adding value back into the global community.

I invite you to join the mission